tfm cooperations

At the tfm | Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies we understand the collaboration with our various cooperation partners as an integral part of research and teaching, and as a commitment to Vienna and Austria as a place of culture and science.

We are happy to receive project proposals and inquiries (e.g. for workshops, festival and production assistance as well as teaching events) and are happy to professionally and personally discuss your ideas and concerns.


Theater Cooperations

The constant exchange of theory and practice in the joint work with theater professionals, institutions and festivals is a fundamental part of the profile of the tfm.

In the field of theater, we organize and supervise, among other things, networking events through courses, joint workshops, production and rehearsal visits for student groups. We also offer festival support, events for review and reception as well as superviso of project and teaching proposals. We are always open to new formats.

Contact us:
Dr. Anke Charton, M.A. & Lisa Niederwimmer, MA



Cooperation with Film Institutions, Cinemas and Film Festivals

Within the framework of cooperation agreements with film institutions such numerous academic projects, courses and tfm events take place at the tfm. Our partners include the Austrian Film Museum, the Filmarchiv Austria, selected Viennese art house cinemas and film festivals such as Crossing Europe or the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.

Discourse about topics currently relevant in film and media practices can be examined by students directly "in the cinema". In particular, the often difficult access to film archives and specialized libraries can be facilitated in this way, and the on-site research opportunities open up essential resources for scholarly debate.

Contact us:
Mag. Dr. Nicole Kandioler, Laura Katharina Mücke, B.A. M.A.



Cooperation with Museums and Archives

Cooperations with the Theatre Museum, the Vienna Library in the City Hall, the Jewish Museum of the City of Vienna, etc. contribute to the communication of the historical and academicgroundwork of the tfm  in a broad cultural environment.

Contact us:
Mag. Dr. Birgit Peter. Privatdoz.



Cooperationen with Academic Institutions

Interconnectedness in a transnational academic context and the promotion of inter- and transdisciplinary research contexts is a primary concern of the tfm. Cooperations with the European Music Theater Academy, the TISCH School of the Arts - New York, the IFK at the University of the Arts and Design Linz, and many others allow for the continuous critical evaluation and repositining of academic groundwork taking place at the tfm.

Contact us:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andrea Seier, Privatdoz., M.A.



Cooperations with Art Institutions

The subject areas of theater, film and media studies repeatedly find intersections with discourses and practices of the visual arts. Through cooperations with various Austrian art institutions, students are given further perspectives on the variety of disciplines at the tfm. In particular, the organization of exhibition visits, joint workshops and ands-on teaching events are at the center of possible collaborations.

Contact us:
Jan-Hendrik Müller, M.A.



tfm Bulletin Board

On the tfm bulletin board, subject-related offers, announcements and discounts for tfm students are published. They are intended to facilitate visits to theater and film performances, create  links to arts institutions and allow insights into professional fields connected to theater, film and media.

tfm students can access the bulletin board via the self-registration function in moodle. Registered students can subscribe to a newsfeed and receive e-mail updates about new offers. Further information is available directly on the tfm bulletin board.

For partners and institutions: Would you like to post offers (such as reduced or free tickets to events or rehearsals, invitations to participate in projects, etc.) or announcements for internships and work placements on the tfm bulletin board? Please get in touch with using the e-mail address below.

Contact us:




tfmlog is a platform which gathers reviews and analysis of subjects and events related to theater, film and media created by tfm students.

The students' works combine theoretical reflection with practical and creative approaches to the tfm's subjects; they are developed in the context of courses and lectures and reflect the numerous collaborations of the tfm with our partners mentioned above.

Contact us:
Laura Katharina Mücke, B.A. M.A.