Screenfest_Panel#3: Festivals and Community Building (in English)

5.Nov.2020, 16:30-18:30
Prerecorded Impulse: LINK

Moderation: Andrea B. Braidt (tfm Universität Wien), Co-Moderation: Katja Wiederspahn (Queertactics . Queer_feministisches Filmfestival Wien, AT)

Prerecorded Impulse (in Engl.): Leanne Dawson (University of Edinburgh, GB)

Dr. Leanne Dawson is Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, where she is a theorist of gender, sexuality, and socio-economic position/class, working on screen studies, literature, theatre, performance art, archives, and festivals. She currently holds a prestigious AHRC Early Career Research Leader Fellowship, for which she is writing a book, Poor Queers, about the intersection of LGBTQI+ and working-class representation on British screens as well as working with festivals and audiences to improve access and inclusion. 
Her publications include: books, Queering German Culture (2018) and Queer European Cinema: Queering Cinematic Time and Space (2017) and special journal issues, Queer/ing Film Festivals (with Loist, 2018), Queer European Cinema (2016), The Other: Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity in European Cinema and Beyond (2014). She is finalising a monograph on queer identities on the German screen from the 1930s to the present day and in the near future, will begin editing a special journal issue on working-class culture and work on a queer parenting project. 
She was the first Chair of the Scottish Queer International Film Festival; co-founded the Queer Screens Network; is a consultant and advisor to a range of artists and organisations; mentors young queer people in film curation; makes film; curates film for independent cinemas; is an invited jury member for international film festivals; and is frequently asked to share her academic expertise in the media.

Diskutant_innen: Andreas Brunner (qWien Zentrum für queere Geschichte, AT), Marty Huber (queerbase. Welcome and Support for LGBTIQ Refugees, AT), Christopher Wurmdobler (Autor, AT), Denice Bourbon (PCCC Queer Comedy Club Vienna, AT), Henrie Dennis (Afro Rainbow Austria)